Of all metallic coatings, zinc offers good corrosion resistance and most economical method  to protect  steel from rust.

Electrolytic zinc coated process does not affect The formability of the base cold rolled steel sheet.Therefore, it is well-fit to those applications that  require good formability in the process .

Chemical treatment is very popular for Electrolytic zinc coated products. Phosphate are the most popular ones. Special chemical treatments have been developed to meet other functions and requirements such as anti-finger property, environmental-friendliness, etc.

Paint-free property for some applications, thanks to its chemical treatment for Anti fingerprint repellent and corrosion resistance.
Excellent formability to minimize the amount of oil required during the forming process because the original cold-rolled steel forming characteristics are maintained and good lubricant chemical layers are provided.
These are features TCS provides for a user with more comfortable environment and more cost-efficiency in their operation.